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Hi, I’ve realised that all my comments for wordpress are coming here at the moment – serves me right for being cheap and turning off my forward!.  Please find me at www.violetposy.co.uk Thanks x

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The move is on…

jcbonbons photostream on Flickr

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So I’m going to move to my own domain.  I have the server space, version 2.7 of WordPress is installed (thanks Paul!). So does anyone have any tips, good plugins or themes they’d like to share with me?

Let me know what you’ve tried and tested, it may just save my marriage ;)  I can just see Paul’s face if I keep asking him to install plugin’s because ‘I fancy trying it’ – LOL!

Hopefully I’ll have the move complete by next week, so I’ll let you all know how it goes.


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Something to Share

For those of you on Blogger, the wonderfully talented Eight Crazy Designs is giving away festive backgrounds.  They only work on Blogger but they are amazing and I almost wish I was back on Blogger again for the Christmas Chic one!

Check them out here

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Making your own Christmas Wreath

I’ve just been to the garden centre to pick up a wreath for the front door.  Now we’re on bit of a budget this year, but I didn’t want a Holly wreath – I *always* manage to hurt myself on them!.

The garden centre had some really nice fir wreaths, with cinnamon sticks and dried oranges, ribbon etc and they were £35, a little on the expensive side.  Then I noticed the ‘blank’ fir wreaths that were £10 and thought, well I have ribbon and baubles at home.  So I bought that one.


I decided that as I’ve gotten a little obsessed with Modern Country that I’d do a ‘nordic’ inspired wreath.


I rummaged around in the Christmas wrapping bag and in the decorations left over from the tree, got some garden wire from the shed and got crafty.


First up the ribbon.  I tied a basic bow and then attached it with the garden wire to the wreath


Then I added bells and a white wood reindeer


Popped it on the front door and it doesn’t look that bad.  I might add some silver baubles on it tomorrow as well, but that’s the joy I can change the colours and add what I like, as many times as I like and I’ve saved £25!


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I’m sooo happy

Look what I’ve won!

The lovely Anne over at The City Sage had a giveaway for this fabulous book and I was chosen!  We are huge fans of American Food in our house, and especially desserts ;)  So I can’t wait to read it and get cooking.

Thank you Anne, you’ve made my day!  Go check out her blog it really is one of the best about


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Early Christmas Present

I love my husband.

Look what I had waiting for me as an early Christmas present when I got home from work today.

It’s been really cold here and snowy, so finally my feet are warm!

Thanks Love xx


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Oh my…

If you want to feel decadent and drool over just the most gorgeous food blog check out


I want to make eat everything on there!


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